Peace be with you.

There’s a peace in knowing you’re on the right path. There’s peace knowing when you flip the switch, the lights will turn on. There’s peace when you trust a process known to work.

But when confronted with a process known to work and you fail to put yourself through that process, what don’t you trust? What are you know at peace with?

Not knowing if it will work for you.

The process may work for others but somehow you’re immune from it.

My son did not go up the rock climbing wall at summer camp because he thought he would fall. Inspire of evidence to the contrary by witnessing other children successfully climbing the wall, he believed the story he would fall.

I’ve recently learnwd that the only thing that’s real is uncertainty. How you engage life is your story.

I can’t start a business, you say. That’s a story. And you find peace in that story. What you don’t know about business and what it will take from you is what’s stops you from starting. 

Uncertainty is what’s stops you from starting anything.

Peace comes when you realize you don’t know everything  And you must be ok with that fact. You cannot predict your success.

Find peace in your ability to start.

Peace be with you.

I have decided.

“We gotta make a decision. Leave tonight or live and die this way.” — “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman

Why is deciding difficult? Commitment. Why is commiting difficult? Fear of being wrong. If the potential for being wrong exists, we don’t commit, so we don’t decide. So we live and die, sort of speak, with how things are.

New game: uncertainty is reality. Something will happen you didn’t expect after making a decision. Ok, roll with it, adapt. Include uncertainty in your decision.

And when I say you, I mean me. You’re welcome to decide if this is worthwhile for you. And by you I mean you.

What will you leave tonight so you won’t live and die that way?

I have decided.

You are called to serve

I was at a funeral service recently. At the end we sang a hymn. As I was looking for the right song, I ran across the title of another hymn. It’s called Called To Serve.

I’m beyond certain, this world is not about you. But it is about you serving others.

  Ask not what this country can do for you, ask what can you do for your country. President Kennedy knew that secret.

You are to love one another taught the Master Teacher. 

The more you give, the more you get. Now you are not to give to get. That’s not giving. You are to give, period.

What’s your talent? Give it. Give it gladly. You are called to do it.

What does life expect of you? To give yourself away.

You are called to serve

I want it all and I want it now.


The journey is the reward. Six pack abs now? No. Journey through it. 

Journey through it when you thought you think you can’t make it. Journey through it when you think you’re crazy for trying. Journey through it just to see how far you can go.

You’ll smile wider because you journeyed through it. Not because it landed on your lap.

And if Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ didn’t come to mind, what kind of alien are you?

I want it all and I want it now.

Today is somebody else’s birthday, too.

Birthday are special days. Sure we celebrate Independence Day and MLK day, but for one day, you can celebrate Me Day!

But while you’re feeling special. And you want to be treated special. And you want special things done on Me Day, somebody else is celebrating Me Day as well.

That may not sit well with you. Here you are at the bar or restaurant with your friends and family and just about the time they are going to sing you the happy birthday song, another roudy bunch is singing it to its friend. What?! It’s supposed to be my day!!

As special as you may feel today, birthday or not, you are sharing the highway of life with others. Those others feel special, too. They want to be celebrated too. So give others that gift.

This life isn’t about you. If it is, go make the sun rise in the west. But as Zig Ziglar said, “When you help enough people get what they want, you get what you want.”

Today, forget you, regardless how deserved or special you feel. Light the candles, sing and make someone else day happy. It’s their day just as much as it is yours.

Today is somebody else’s birthday, too.

Dirty dishes in the sink of life.

The rules of keeping a sink manageable are simple. Actually, there’s only one rule: clean your bowl.

Once you’re done with a dish, pot or pan, clean it. Instead what do we do? I know what I do. I leave it to be done later. And we all know about later, it’s the time that never comes.

And we all know dirty bowls need company, so once we use the second bowl instead of following the only sink rule, we find a place neatly in the sink.

Then a week goes by. No friends or company come over our place? Cool. More play pals in the sink.

Then the day comes. We have to deal with the sink. And sometimes it’s not just the sink. It’s the entire kitchen. Ugh. Things just got ugly.

You’d think I would learn sink rule one. But no. So, I have to play a game. Take a small part of the kitchen and clean it. I can quit cleaning the kitchen after that. But guess what happens. I clean the whole kitchen.

But now I want to stop the insanity. New game. How many days can I follow sink rule number one? If I mess up, no worries, start over.

Hmm. Can I apply the clean your bowl principle to other parts of my life I tend to leave unattended and then they get out of control?

Nah…The sink of my life has no dirty dishes. That’s other people’s problem. Right?

Dirty dishes in the sink of life.