Baskeball & Success

While my son’s friends played at a school play ground.  I took basketball shots. After many misses, I decided I needed a way to improve. So I came up with a game.

You’re not allowed to leave until you make 100 baskets.

Now, I had a meeting at 3 and it was already 1:30. I knew I wasn’t going to make the 100 shots. But what would happen if I aimed at an “unrealistic” goal?

Every time I made a basket, I counted up until I missed a basket. Then I had to start from zero. 

I started the game plenty of times. 

Then something happened. I began to consistently make baskets. It got to a point where I shot the basketball and I knew it would go in.

So what did I learn?

  1. Turn a worthwhile pursuit into a game.
  2. Concentrate on the small wins.

I learned a little bit about mental toughness. Every time I had to start from zero, I was disappointed. But, I quickly realized getting down on myself about resetting my mental counter didn’t win me anything. So eventually, I ignored my disappointment when I had to start over.
I concentrated on what worked.

On to the next game.

Baskeball & Success

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