Dirty dishes in the sink of life.

The rules of keeping a sink manageable are simple. Actually, there’s only one rule: clean your bowl.

Once you’re done with a dish, pot or pan, clean it. Instead what do we do? I know what I do. I leave it to be done later. And we all know about later, it’s the time that never comes.

And we all know dirty bowls need company, so once we use the second bowl instead of following the only sink rule, we find a place neatly in the sink.

Then a week goes by. No friends or company come over our place? Cool. More play pals in the sink.

Then the day comes. We have to deal with the sink. And sometimes it’s not just the sink. It’s the entire kitchen. Ugh. Things just got ugly.

You’d think I would learn sink rule one. But no. So, I have to play a game. Take a small part of the kitchen and clean it. I can quit cleaning the kitchen after that. But guess what happens. I clean the whole kitchen.

But now I want to stop the insanity. New game. How many days can I follow sink rule number one? If I mess up, no worries, start over.

Hmm. Can I apply the clean your bowl principle to other parts of my life I tend to leave unattended and then they get out of control?

Nah…The sink of my life has no dirty dishes. That’s other people’s problem. Right?

Dirty dishes in the sink of life.

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