Today is somebody else’s birthday, too.

Birthday are special days. Sure we celebrate Independence Day and MLK day, but for one day, you can celebrate Me Day!

But while you’re feeling special. And you want to be treated special. And you want special things done on Me Day, somebody else is celebrating Me Day as well.

That may not sit well with you. Here you are at the bar or restaurant with your friends and family and just about the time they are going to sing you the happy birthday song, another roudy bunch is singing it to its friend. What?! It’s supposed to be my day!!

As special as you may feel today, birthday or not, you are sharing the highway of life with others. Those others feel special, too. They want to be celebrated too. So give others that gift.

This life isn’t about you. If it is, go make the sun rise in the west. But as Zig Ziglar said, “When you help enough people get what they want, you get what you want.”

Today, forget you, regardless how deserved or special you feel. Light the candles, sing and make someone else day happy. It’s their day just as much as it is yours.

Today is somebody else’s birthday, too.

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