Peace be with you.

There’s a peace in knowing you’re on the right path. There’s peace knowing when you flip the switch, the lights will turn on. There’s peace when you trust a process known to work.

But when confronted with a process known to work and you fail to put yourself through that process, what don’t you trust? What are you know at peace with?

Not knowing if it will work for you.

The process may work for others but somehow you’re immune from it.

My son did not go up the rock climbing wall at summer camp because he thought he would fall. Inspire of evidence to the contrary by witnessing other children successfully climbing the wall, he believed the story he would fall.

I’ve recently learnwd that the only thing that’s real is uncertainty. How you engage life is your story.

I can’t start a business, you say. That’s a story. And you find peace in that story. What you don’t know about business and what it will take from you is what’s stops you from starting. 

Uncertainty is what’s stops you from starting anything.

Peace comes when you realize you don’t know everything  And you must be ok with that fact. You cannot predict your success.

Find peace in your ability to start.

Peace be with you.

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