You Should Be Here.

My five month old’s eyes light up when he sees his mama. His entire body shakes. You get the sense he just wants to run into her arms. This lights her up.

My body doesn’t shake when I see my wife. Unlike our son, my eyes don’t light up when I see her. My eyes don’t describe my delight for her. This doesn’t light her up.

I love my wife. I love my life with her. But I’ve learned, before I met her, perhaps as a survival mechanism to normalize my emotions. Don’t get to high. Don’t get to low.

But normal has not served me.

I want my infant son’s eyes. I want it all new. I want everyday to feel like a miracle. I don’t want to be on a airplane being pulled by gravity disobedient to the pilot’s commands to appreciate what I always had.

There’s no trick to this. Be here. Be in the moment. Be with whom you’re with in the moment. This moment matters. It matters to you. Do that everywhere that you go.

You Should Be Here.

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