The price of stopping.

Where would you be had you not stopped eating healthy? What would have happenned had you figured out a way to launch your business? Where would your money situation be had you implemented what you read in that personal fiance book collecting dust on the top shelf of your basement library?

You don’t get time back. No matter if today is the day you implement that healthy lifestyle, you’ll be X number of days, months or years of health. You will be that much time behind in your finances. You will have that fewer friends – that is if you read a relationships book and didn’t implement anything.

Start. Fix along the way. But don’t quit. You’ll pay a price. It’s better to wait and start when you’re ready to go. And if you’re honest with yourself and you realize there will never be a good time to start, the buckle up and go.

The price you pay for delay is your money or your lifestyle.

The price of stopping.

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