The thrill is gone.

We hear a lot of talk about motivation. Truth is no one else can motivate you. You motivate you.

We are told to follow our passion. Find your why that makes you cry. Some people are out of tears.

Some folks have decided that how it is now is how it will be forever. That’s your vision. And vision fuels your motivation.

What you do everyday is the implementation of your vision. You may say you have a vision of traveling the world with your lifestyle business. But that’s not your vision. 

What gets you out of bed is a paycheck. That’s your vision.

Remember, a vision moves you to act. And you’re acting on your vision.

So if you say you want something better but are not working to get it, then you don’t believe in what you’re saying. But you are working your vision, though.

If when you went to the garage, you notice your car was missing, you’d have an emotional reaction. There’s a mismatch between your expectation and reality. You had a vision of the car in the safety of the garage.

When you wake up, are you getting what you’re expecting? If so, you’re living your vision. If you’re not having an emotional reaction to the life you wake up to daily, then you’re good.

Only when what you expect is gone, will you act. Lose your job, you’ll act. Car breaks down, you’ll act. Only if you see life, or a part of life as crisis, will you act.

So in reality, the thrill isn’t gone. You just go used to it. Is that ok with you?

The thrill is gone.

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