Join The Resistance

I’ve been doing push-ups three times a week. In between reps, an unoriginal thought slipped in. The only way the muscle grows is pushing against the resistance provided by the floor.

Without resistance, I don’t grow. Without an almost equal but negative force, I stay the same.

For quite a while I’ve fought conflict. I’ve been he nice guy and went along to get along. But has that serve me?

I’m not looking for a fight, but I will not develop if I don’t confront what needs to be confronted. I will not be better without a challenge. How can I know how far I can go if i don’t place myself in situations where I have to stretch?

Again, by conflict, I don’t necessity mean argument. I just mean place myself in situations where I don’t know exactly how it is going to end up. I’ve been letting go of the need to know everything.

So I’m embracing conflict. No good story is without conflict. No good life is without overcoming resistance of some kind.

Here’s to my future “fights.”

Join The Resistance

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