Sooner or later I will stop procrastinating.

Don’t wanna wait til tomorrow

Why put it off another day? 

One by one little problems, build up, and stand in our way…

“Right Now” by Van Halen

I once heard procrastination is a drug. Leave things until the very last minute, then figure out a way to do what “needs to get done right now.”

There’s a false sense of accomplishment is doing a task that’s an “emergency” when it could have been done two weeks ago.

I’m going through evaluating my life and I’m finding out the things that are taxing my brain. I’m looking for what is using my precious brain power and evaluating if that is serving me.

  • Worrying about money doesn’t serve me
  • Picking out work clothes in the morning doesn’t serve me. I can do that before going to bed.
  • Putting things off for another day when it can be done now doesn’t serve me, either.
  • Remembering things, when I can use technology to remind me, doesn’t serve me.

I don’t want to think about something I need to do in the future that I can do now. I don’t want to wash dishes later when I already hate washing dishes. So I’m going to put something off that I hate to do later? That makes no sense.

Some people call dealing with procrastination eating the frog. I don’t like that visual. What’s so good about eating a frog?

I rather call it foolishness. It’s foolish to put things off that can be done now. Get it done! My theme for this year is impress yourself. In other words, do the things that I find impressive in others. That’s my clue to something I want in my life. People that handle their business now impresses me. I want to do that!

Procrastination is a foolish game. 

What foolishness will you stop right now?

Sooner or later I will stop procrastinating.

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