If I could turn back time.

To go back in time and fix your mistakes or get one million dollars?

I read this question on Facebook a while back. Someone answered they would take the million dollars  arguing previous mistakes made this person who she is today.

I was thinking about the question and her response. I know a little bit about this person’s past. Some of it is really bad. No need to go into details here as that’s not what’s important.

Are there mistakes in your life you wouldn’t fix if you had the chance? Yes, it will change everything going forward. But if you had the opportunity to get rid of some skeletons, would you take advantage?

I argue, I’m human. And I will make mistakes. I’m not saying fix past mistakes and never make fresh ones. I say, I’ll fix what I can from my past and truly learn from it. I’ll gamble that it will make me better. There are certain things from my past I rather not store in my memory.

Yes, fixing my past changes things I love in my present. Most likely I would not live where I do. I wouldn’t have the family or friends I have now. Is my now worth more than past errors in judgement?

This isn’t easy. There’s no right answer. But as I write this, I would chose to fix one moment of my life. And it would have to be just  moment since once I change that one event, my entire life trajectory changes.

What’s your defining moment? The moment that changed everything for you. Would you change it?

If I could turn back time.

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