Only when you know you’re blind will you ask to see.

Be content but dissatisfied. I am fat. But this fat body has allowed me to accomplish things some cannot. I can walk. I can bike. I can swim (hardly). While I am able to do things with this unhealthy body, I can do better. This is where dissatisfaction comes in.

Only when there’s pain will you be motivated into solving a dissatisfying situation. You must be aware of the pain. And such pain must really hurt enough to engage you into easing that pain.

So why am I fat? I know I’m fat. When I eat junk food, I know it’s not good for me. I hate the idea of having to trick myself into eating “healthy.” Um, why would anyone rationally eat unhealthy? For another post. Why doesn’t my excess weight bug me?

Because I don’t see it as a problem. I’ve fooled myself into believing  I’m ok. While I say that I know I’m okay, my inaction is the clearest indicator that I do NOT know my current health is okay. If I did, I would do something about it.

I do not know that I’m blind. But how can I write about something I claim I unaware? Because I now what to see.

I’ve created a life principle:

Make sure your steps take you where you want to go.

Is being fat my preference? No. It may be for you. But not for me any longer. I’ve be unintentional about my health.

So now the journey to “health” begins. I need a destination. And I need to know where I am. And I need the map that will get me there. And I need to trust the process.

What were you blind to that now you see?

Only when you know you’re blind will you ask to see.

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