Hoping for a Highlight Life

Along the way we got confused into thinking life is supposed to be easy. We think it’s easy for the most part because we only see performance. We don’t see training.

We all want a marriage that lasts decades. But we don’t want all the misunderstandings, fights and frustrations that come with it.

We want to make elite athlete money without the countless 4AM wake up time for working out.

We want fitness without doing what got us fat.

In sports newscasts, we don’t see the hour long football game. We see the hightlights. We see what someone else thought were the crucial plays most people will want to see. That’s what I think most want out of life. Including me.

That way of thinking is changing. The highlight life where there’s no commitment to a process known to work produces no growth in us.

We fail to become something great in a highlight life.

We fail to have a better story to tell in a highlight life.

We fail to gain confidence in a highlight life.

Successful people know it takes making a decision then time and effort to claim achievement. Eves drop on their conversations and it will be about process – the how of things. The rest talk about how lucky you are to have what you worked for.

I’m rearranging parts of my life and begin implementing process and systems. They pretty much guarantee success. I don’t want to tax my brain with anything it doesn’t have to. I want more habits in my life. I want to play the whole game.

There’s no winning wishing for just the highlights in your life.

Hoping for a Highlight Life

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