When you pick a different direction.

The result of wandering is exhaustion. To walk aimlessly may start out as a fun experience. But at some point it stops being cute.

There has to be a reason you left on the journey in the first place. Let’s see where we end up is short term. Years of not knowing where to go can leave a mind numb.

Of course one can say wandering is unacceptable when it has stopped being useful. But wandering was never useful. It was deceptive. It was romantic. And it broke your heart.

To travel so far and go nowhere. Plenty of stories, but no accomplishments. Plenty of souvenirs, but no trophies. Plenty of flowers, but no garden.

If you must go, actually have somewhere to go. To live a life of a wanderer, without purpose in your step is foolish and I say childish.

A good time to realize this was on your first step. But, if you’re  on your 1,000th step, all one can do is stop, actually pick a destination and a good map. Then, get there.

Get to stepping.

When you pick a different direction.

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