I am a second behind.

Who remembers number two? In a close race, is the almost winner given the opportunity at the spotlight? Are there morning shows appearances for the one that barely won?

Even if the second place finisher was a second behind, no one will remember. We remember the battle fought by the one that won. He or she with the trophy gets to write history. It is she or he who won who gets to tell the tale.

Second place gets to look up at first place. The mountain top only has room for one. 

Second is easily forgotten. Second might as well be last. Second opens the door to all other contestants. Second gets the pat on the back from everyone. Second gets the crumbs. First gets first choice.

Second is a spectator.

But there are many races left. First comes to those who train more. So, train more. One day the confetti will fall on your behalf.

I am a second behind.

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