If you have to choose, choose greatness.

The big question is what’s the meaning of life? Here I am 6AM getting ready to go to work. I come back from work. I’m with my family. I’m with my friends. I do social activities every once in a while. To what purpose?

If at some (hopefully) distant point in the future, I will die, what’s the point of it all? And if there’s no point, why achieve?

If I work hard and someone else enjoys the fruit of my labor, what’s the point of working?

I live in a house whose previous owner out a lot of work into remodeling. And here I am enjoying his work. All that money, all that time, all that effort. For what?

What other choice do we have? Let’s say life has no purpose, which is a lie by the way, it is still beneficial to choose to work than to not work. It is still beneficial to choose to be great than to choose to be a lump on the side of the road.

We have a purpose. Heck, trees have a purpose. And we have more to offer this world than oxygen – although that’s a pretty cool purpose.

We provide hope for others, for one. Our stories are a sort of oxygen for others. We teach others. We are moved by others. You are not a waste of space. You are needed. You are important.

You can’t keep you for yourself. For your own sake, choose to be the very best. There’s someone out there. That needs you. And that person needs you at your very best. So you can tell the story of you at your very worst and how you got out of that hole. We are meant to teach.

What do you have to say?

If you have to choose, choose greatness.

Nothing else matters.

A mispent life must be a crime. There must be a penalty for being given much and not produce any fruit. Maybe that penalty is regret.

What is the thing that matters most? Life. Without it, nothing else matters. Now, while that’s an obvious statement, it is an easily dismissed notion.

We are drowning in life. It’s everywhere around us. It’s so obvious, it’s invisible. Until, an actual use by date has been placed on it. When you realize the story of your life has an actual final chapter, a final paragraph and a final sentence, life becomes tangible.

When the alarm clock of life is set, life’s colors come alive. Fewer things become meaningless because everything has life now. Yes, some things will be thrown with the garbage. But the small becomes  moment-worthy.

So this is another voice in the choir singing don’t let life pass by. It will be gone. It will end. Latter will be sooner than you think. Get rid of the nonsense and get to livin’ while the livin’ is good.

Nothing else matters.

When you don’t love others.

I like to keep to myself. I love silence. Good music and me go well. There’s nothing wrong with that, I thought.

There couldn’t be anything more wrong than that. I’m way more selfish than I thought. 

The picture I paint for myself in my head is of the nice guy that causes no troubles. I put in my time at work, I come home to my family, I go to church and I sometimes hang out with some of my friends.

But I’m not curious about other people in this world. I say I have trouble making new friends when I really don’t want new friends. Or so I say.

New friends are a hassle. We have to start from scratch. What movies do you watch? What music are you into? Know who Gary Vee is? Ugh.

But there’s a disease in that thinking. I think it actually kills our souls to isolate ourselves. Why do I distance myself? Probably because I don’t want to show who I am. But I think I prefer to be with me because I don’t want to take the time to know about someone else. It’s excersice for me to be with others outside my circle.

But isn’t excersice good for you?


Being out of shape relationally comes at a price. It develops a cold heart. As the song goes, it builds a fortress around your heart. And in a blink of an eye, you make your dreams of being alone in the quiet come true. Except that dream is carbon monoxide and you’re falling asleep  inside the parked car in your solitary garage.

How to escape a prison of your own making? People, at some point, will drain me. But I can’t keep fighting the idea that I can do this life with only my wife, sons and a few friends.

And it’s not that I need many friends either. I want a heart that’s just curious about others. That actually wants to know about the lives of others in this world.

The reality is this life is about the people you meet and the memories you make with them. More people, more memories. I want a library of memories, not just a few books.

What do I value more? We or me?

When you don’t love others.

Losers watch winners win.

You sit on the bench watching the other team celebrate. You watch the other team’s fans lose their minds. You wonder what would it feel like. You’re on the outside.

That’s me on the bench- watching. The years have come and they have gone. I have watched the winners win way too often. I’ve sat on the couch watching winners raise trophies. I’ve been happy for others winning American Idol. I’ve applauded other people’s performance.

I don’t get in the game. I don’t get on the stage. I don’t audition. I watch from a distance.

One can predict the outcome of not participating in life. You get to be a witness to history but not being part of history.

And I can’t find the drive. It’s not that my life is bad. Some may actually want what I have. I  am greatful. I just don’t feel I’m holding a trophy over my head. No celebration in the locker room. No reporter asking me how does it feel?

A not so purpose driven life. What else could come of it? A non wisdom seeking life. What could come of it?

I’ve been here. I’ve said these things. And I have not moved from comfort. What has comfort gotten me? Here. I’ve been here for a long time. I’ve been wishing for a long time.

Here’s the thing: I know what it takes to get me out of this hole. I’m just not willing to do the work. I just won’t do the hustle. Why? Because the results won’t come right away. I have the map to where I want to go. I just hate it’s going to take a long time to get there. But what if instated by journey four years ago? I would be arriving.

I can’t do anything about the past. Ahead is a long journey. And I need to be ok with that. I have to start, focus and finish.

Am I ready to get started?

Losers watch winners win.

Stories full of foolishness.

I used to be jealous of people who have lots of stories to tell. They would be in a party, with a circle of people around them and were like a magnet drawing people in with their takes.

I felt so bland. Why haven’t I lived? I was a white sheet of printer paper, when it seems everyone else was the Sistine Chapel ceiling. I had nothing to tell.

When thinking about that recently, I came to a sobering conclusion. Most people tell stories about their foolishness. Other people laugh or marvel at other people’s stupidity – it seems. No wonder people like reality tv.

Have I been envious of people who find it funny to have been a fool? Now, I’m not saying I’ve lived a foolish-free life. My point is I’ve wished to be a fool by listening others tell their stories of being fools.

No one sits around and tells stories about helping others. Maybe those in the military, police, firefighters or emergency technicians. I don’t know. I guess I now long for my stories to be about things that matter. I want to hear stories about things that matter. I’m sure all this is about my age. I know people didn’t think they were fools at the time they were doing those things. I’m sure they thought it was fun.

I’m longing for stories of accomplishments now. Don’t tell me about how many girls you could get to come to your apartment when you were in college. I want to hear what you’re doing now with your life. And I hope it isn’t you going to a softball tournament. I want to be around dreamers making their dreams come true. I don’t want meaningless conversations going nowhere. I’ve been going nowhere for a while. I’ve been wanting the life of people going nowhere for a while. And I’m done walking in a circle.

Not that I want life to be all serious. I just want to hear stories from people who are executing their plan and are having fun doing it.

So what plan am I exciting? How do I become like those I want to attract?

Stories full of foolishness.

It’s all meaningless.

Without a destination, the journey is meaningless. To wonder aimlessly through life, as I’ve had, has been a meaningless excersice. I might as well have walked in a circle all my life.

Then there’s no point in setting a destination and not getting there. At every turn, change plans and thus change the where you’re going. Take the time to know that where you want to go is truly where you want to go. Yes, enjoy the journey but that assumes a well chosen destination. It’s the anticipation of arrival that makes the journey enjoyable.

Worst is picking a destination, finding the best route then ignoring the map that will take you where you said you wanted to go. If after careful and thoughtful consideration, you abandon the map and figure it out yourself, you’ve wasted time. And we can’t be in the wasting time business as if we will get more of it later.

Without thr turn by turn directions map of life, a journey is meaningless. To know where you’re going but not know how to get there makes you lost. And there is no time for being lost.

It’s all meaningless.

The Resurection of Your Dreams.

I always remember a line form John Maxwell’s book Today Matters that reads yesterday ended last night. It means not to heavily rely on what happened yesterday, today.

If something bad happened yesterday, it doesn’t meant something bad is going to happen today. And if something good happened yesterday, it doesn’t mean that something is going to keep happening today.

Everyday is new. I may have been down on my dreams yesterday but doesn’t mean I’m down on my dreams today. When I was about to release my rope that kept me from drowning, I tightened my grip and strengthened my resolve.

I can’t give up on my dreams. I have to be truthful with my life and make some adjustments but I can’t stop taking steps toward my destination. I am leaving a large piece of luggage behind. I’m giving up on hope.

Keep hope alive? Um, no. I say, pull the plug. Hope is this thing I can bold acountable. I hope my life will change, I say. I will change my life. That’s better said.

I hope the things that must happen to make what I say I want a reality, relies on something else. It relies on this thing I can blame if it doesn’t. I’ve delegated my dreams to hope.

I need to take control of my dreams. I need to take an active role in my dreams. No one else will get things done but me.

Pick the best map to get you where you want to go – and go. Don’t hope for things to get better – be better.

The Resurection of Your Dreams.