Hard things and cold showers.

I read an article about taking cold showers. I’ve know about its health benefits. But the author had a different take on the why take cold showers.

  1. It’s hard. It’s really hard and scary according to the author.
  2. Do that difficult thing in the morning.

I tried being under cold water for two minutes. I did it wrong in the sense that I started the shower in warm water then switched to cold for two minutes then back to warm and went about showering as normal.

It was still difficult. To be in the safety of warmth and to decide to turn the nob to cold and shiver for two minutes is, yes, scary. Next time I will take my normal shower then switch to cold.

I like the aspect of deciding to do your most difficult thing in the morning. There’s plenty of research that backs it up. There’s even a book about it. It’s called Eat That Frog. I hate that title for the visual. And I guess that’s the point. Do the thing you don’t want to do first thing in the morning.

But now I have a different view on deciding. It’s about control. It’s a morning win. There are no uncertainties about being in cold water for two minutes. It’s going to be tough. But I chose it. It didn’t happen to me. I made it happen. There are no bad sides effects.

You eat the frog. I’ll be over here chillin’. 

Hard things and cold showers.

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