Naturally gifted and lazy.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

– Benjamin “Ben” Parker

Fictional character, Spider Man

Could you imagine if Jesus, the Son of God did nothing while he was on Earth?

By a certain  age we know we are able to do certain things. We know we have a talent. This talent is what we are able to do for hours without knowing. It is what others perhaps admire in us. It comes naturally to us.

Yet, we don’t master it. We are given this muscle and we fail to build it. We are given a beautiful garden and we ignore it. Our gift is to be given. We are supposed to give ourselves to others.

Developing our talent is work. And we don’t like work. But as we all know the rich get richer. We are supposed to be faithful with little and then we will be given more. We don’t just get more. Actually, when we don’t use our talent, we lose it.

Sometimes we don’t like our talent. If the entire world was a body, some of us are an index finger. And we don’t like being the index finger. We would prefer to be the heart or the brain. But ask one one who works with their hands the importance of an index finger.

Your talent matters. It means the world to someone. But your 50% talent isn’t enough. Develop your talent, then share it. Don’t be lazy or selfish and keep it to yourself.

I’ve been meditating and thinking about my talent. Some people know it. I don’t. Or at least I don’t think I do. And life gets shorter. I haven’t been lazy with my talent, I’ve been ignorant. That’s probably worse.

But it is all awareness. It is all about the truth. If you know your talent, use it. The world needs you. If not, find your talent. It’s waiting for you. And it will make you whole.

Naturally gifted and lazy.

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