Are you lying to yourself about your values?

I’ve heard it said that your calendar and your checkbook show what you truly value in life. And I’m starting to believe it.

I say I want to tithe. But I haven’t made any adjustments to my budget to accommodate. I say when I get more money. But do I value Spotify more? Do I value eating out more? Is that new Gary V book worth more? Sadly, yes.

Do I really value watching Netflix more than serving at the homeless shelter once a week? Is it more important that I know what’s the latest and greatest on Facebook than start and finish a bible study on the book of John? Do I really love my neighbors or does my quiet time have more meaning?

I want to deal in the truth and not in should’ve and could’ve. My money and my time doesn’t reflect the person I think I am…yet (thank you for my counselor for teaching me to add the yet). I have to really sit down and think about what do I want out of life. My calendar and checkbook account need to reflect that.

What I value doesn’t reflect what I say I value. So, what to do with that? Fix it. Again, what do I want? Or what does life expect of me?

More questions than answers. But that’s better than no questions.

What does your calendar and checkbook say about your values?

Are you lying to yourself about your values?

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