Do I see my legacy?

I was having breakfast with my soon to be 12 year. He asked what do you do from 7:30 to 4:30. He was asking about my job. I gave my answer. He wasn’t impressed.

I don’t hype things. I told him I write the code that makes web pages work. Yup, not impressed.

There was no light in his eye like I want to do that!  And that got me thinking. My impression of the pre – Industrial Age era is sons inherited the family farm and kept it going for the survival of the family. I’ve done zero research on this and I’m contrained to my personality type which keeps me from actually researching this. In other words, I won’t take time to find out if this is true. Actually, that’s not the big point.

What I’m thinking about is will my footsteps be followed? I know I’m leaving a legacy. I know I will leave an inheritance to my children’s children. The question is what inheritance will I leave?

Again, the concept of intentionality plays in my head like a cassette. What do I want to leave behind for my children? I don’t want to leave that for chance. I’ve said it often now, that I’ve let circumstance dictate my direction in life. And I’m afraid I may be doing it with the next generation.

Do I care if my son wants to code? No. I care that I’m what he want to aspire. Which leads me to another point. What does he see me do that will inspire him to be like me?

What will live on for the survival of my family? What will my son talk to about his father to his son? I have control over that. And thank God I have time to change that.

I’m reminded of Dame Dash. He said, I hustle for my last name, not my first.

So, what’s your hustle?

Do I see my legacy?

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