Do not hide your talent.

During dinner I had my 11 year old read the story about the man who gave there of his servants different amounts of money. The story referred to them as talents. Two multiplied their given talents. These two servants were proud of their accomplishment. And their master was pleased.

The other servant was afraid. He did nothing with his given talent. This scared servant was given the least amount of talent but was afraid to do something with it.

I wonder what he was thinking as he saw the other two proud servants. Scared servants thought he was doing he right thing. At least he didn’t lose his talent. 

But he was supposed to do something with his talent. No matter how little we are given, we are to multiply.

Since reading this story, I’ve gone back to it in my thoughts plenty. Don’t hide your talent. I keep thinking. We are to give ourselves. We are to give to the poor. But I don’t think it just means those who don’t have money. I also think we are to give to those who don’t have. 

Those who lack hugs, we are to give them if we are rich in them.

To those who need a song, we need to sing to them.

To those who need to see a beautiful garden, we need to cultivate what area of land we have and show beauty exists. That not all places on earth are bare and dark.

What we have, we are to give because somebody needs it. To isolate or stay quiet deprives joy to those that need it and deprives you of a blessing.

I’ve been more selfish than I thought. Not only have I not discovered my talent, it may have impacted someone else’s life.

In the story the scared servant’s talent was taken and given to the one who was given he most talent and doubled it. He proved he can do much with what was given.

If I don’t use my talent, it will be lost. I think of this often. Not only will it be lost, I will witness someone else do wonders with the same talent. And I’ll wonder why couldn’t that have been me.

There’s greatness inside of you. Use your given greatness. Give it away. More will be given. You’ll be forever rich by giving to the poor.

Do not hide your talent.

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