What about your friends?

“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.”

– old proverb

Will do what’s best for your friend at the expense of your friendship? Will you admonish a friend for his benefit even if it costs the friendship? How much do you love your friends?

What do you love more, your friendship or your friend? It’s not a trick question. I get something out of the friendship. If a say something that may break it, I lose what I get from it. Is peace more important? No. My selfishness is more important.

Say what you need to say as the song goes. When my heart is heavy and I must speak the truth in love to a friend and I don’t, I am being selfish. More importantly, I don’t love my friend. I love the friendship.

I may love that I can speak politics with someone who gets it. If that friend is gone, who would I talk to about so and so? Selfishness.

Are you willing to lose it all for the people you say you love. I can agree with my enemy all the time. What would I be afraid of if I disagree with a friend – and keep it to myself. It may be nice. But it is not right.

An admonishment from a friend hurts. It’s supposed to. It’s meant for growth. And there will be growing pains.

Fools don’t listen to instruction. If a friend breaks the friendship out of admonishment, then was that person worth your future time? If you hang around fools, odds are good you’ll be one, also.

What a new pair of eyes to see where I’m being selfish. Do I idolize friendship? Do I idolize nice and non confrontation? Or do I seek truth and accept the unknowns?

This life is not about me.

What about your friends?

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