Ears to listen.

Fools don’t like rebuke or instruction. Fools have life figured out. Nobody can tell me nuthin’ are a fool’s famous last words.

What to do when those you care about won’t listen? Maybe that can’t listen. Life just got so noisy, it makes it impossible to hear someone else’s instruction. I don’t think that’s true all the time. Most times, we know what to do. We hear what we must do and still fail to do so.

Why? Well, I’ve said it before you must first know you’re blind to ask to see. Sometimes we don’t believe we are in the situation others say we are in. Sometimes the advice seems difficult since the person giving it didn’t provide a good map.

There are times you don’t have the authority to give advice. Perhaps here isn’t enough in the resume to tilt the scales to influence. That’s hard to take. And easy to ignore – even when the advice is good.

But there’s an old saying –  when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Good advice always falls on good ears. Too bad we don’t always have good eats.

When asked to give advice and it is not acted upon, give the advice time. Let a little rain fall on the soil which will prepare he ground better for the seed. Them plant the seed again.

 It’s all a patience game.

Ears to listen.

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