The smartest broke guy.

I read blogs.  I listen to many podcasts. I think a lot about many things. I’m amazed none of those things increase my checking account balance.

It’s not rocket science what is needed to have more more cash flow.

  1. Cash
  2. Flow

It’s a faucet. More water? Turn the faucet. More money? Make more money. So, what’s the hold up?

Most people don’t have a money problem, I’ve heard it said. Most people have an I don’t know how to make money problem.

And if that’s not the case, some people have an I’m afraid of the unknown problem. They get stuck in the what if. Like what if I succeed?

I don’t know a life of making a quarter of a million dollars a year looks like. I can’t imagine being debt free. Can you believe that? And it’s not that I have an I don’t deserve it problem. I’m just blind to that. I can’t see that reality. It’s so odd writing these last few sentences.

I believe the reality I’m living now. Most of us know how to go from crisis to comfort. Get fired? Crisis. Get a job. Comfort. Done. Most of us struggle going from comfort to success. Sigh.

What is it about this life I like so much. I carry a weight on my mind that more cash flow would solve. My life would actually be happier having money not take up so much brain real estate.

If I can do better, should I? I can hear Jim Rohn ask that of me. Why couldn’t I just turn it into a game? Just how much money can I earn. I gave a talk about this very subject. Basically my thesis was don’t chase the money for the money but for the person you have to become to get the money.

Who do I want to be? What do I want from life? It’s time to start answering these question. Sigh. The thought alone scares me. This is crazy. How can the pursuit of becoming better scare me. Change.

We don’t like change. But, how can I not like change for the better? It’s change none the less.

But it needs to be done. A new habit to form. Anything can happen in two years. And that’s my time limit. Two years to a better story about me.

Start. Focus. Finish.

The smartest broke guy.

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