Of writers and editors

“Haters gonna hate, hate, hate”

– “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift

I’ve never saw myself as an artist. But I now realize we all create. We all out ourselves out there for public consumption. Some more than others. So we are all artists.

Well, some of us are artists and some of us are entertainers. Few are both.

The artist creates for the sake of the art. The process is the reward. To look back at creation and say this is good. That’s the reward. 

The entertainer seeks applause. There’s no point to the art of there isn’t an accolade right behind it. The entertainer doesn’t have to perform something original. He just needs an audience and something to call a stage and feedback.

Now, if we are artists or entertainers, where do editors and critics come from?

Editors and critics are a special breed. We are also one or the other. An editor’s job is to help the writer. The editor is involved in the process. Writers ask editors and to an extend welcome their input.

Critics are those in the audience who don’t nevcesarily want to help the artist but has something to say about it. I want to focus on the word help.

I don’t think most artists / entertainers want a critics input. It’s after the fact. The “input” comes when there’s nothing to do about the performance. You should have done this. You should have done that. Well, that’s easy.

Some criticism is good, I guess. This post performance analysis. I’m processing what benefits me more – more editors or more critics in my life. I lean towards editors. Most would call them mentors.

So to seek mentors one must want to create. And not just want to create but actually create. I suppose if there is criticism, there must have been something to be criticized. I guess an editor or critic is exposed by their intent. Either to help or to just opine. Which can indirectly help or not.

So, who are my editors. And who are my critics. And what am I creating?

Of writers and editors

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