The life recipe?

I studied chemistry in college. In the lab, we used a workbook with step-by-step instructions on how to do what we supposed to do that day.

I always thought it was odd I was going through “science” like it was a cooking show. I don’t know what it should be like. Perhaps I would be some mad scientist combining beaker A with beaker B and see what happens. I wasn’t attracted to the “now pour the flour here and now add the sugar” aspect of the labs.

I’m in a training and I find myself going through a step-by-step process again. It’s for a programming class. But again it doesn’t seem natural to just go through a list of things and if you do them right and in the right order, the program will work.

Now, I’ve talked a lot about reverse engineering success and working a plan. In essence, going through theiugh a step-by-step process to achieve what it is that I want. Do I also fight that as well?

If someone gave me a life workbook and put me in the lab of life and said, “follow these steps for this next project.” How would I feel. Would I feel bored like I am now?

Is this a clue as to why the money part of my life hasn’t gone as expected?

The life recipe?

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