Lying to yourself.

One of the biggest lies you can tell yourself is that you have time. You don’t. Your time is evaporating. And you’re fooling yourself by leaving whatever it is your leaving for later.

Later never comes. It’s not on the calendar. It never will.

You keep looking out the window and wishing for a better life. But no action is taken. You keep telling others what they can do with their life but won’t remove the log that’s keeping you from taking the steps you need to change yours. There will be time you say.

You say a lot. You do little. You want that Instagram life as if it is going to happen laying on your carpet falling asleep to Netflix.

You watch YouTube video after YouTube video of gurus. You can finish their sentences. But you won’t move. As if you have time.

A better life is waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Extra time?

Lying to yourself.

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