Don’t dream. It’s over.

There’s a grieving process when you realize a dream is about to die. I’ve read too many books, listened to many podcasts with the theme of live your dreams. Heck, I’ve been using Live A Better Story for a while. 

Now, one can live a better story. What I’m talking about is to not lie to yourself about your abilities. Some people are given lots of an ability, others medium ability and some little ability. And some no ability. There’s a danger in thinking one can do great things with little or no ability.

Becoming aware of one self is healing. But the truth hurts, first. Then it heals. I’m in a hurting stage. I’m in an awareness phase. I thought that I could accomplish something that I don’t think I can anymore.

It’s been four years since I set out to create a sales organization that will provide an income for the lifestyle I say I want. It involves a basic concept: ask people to take a look. For four years I have hated asking for help. I have hated asking for help most of my entire life. And that mental block will cost me. And it grieves me to admit it.

How long must I think I can do something when there are years of proof that I will not do it?

As of this post’s writing, it is the first time I have admitted to myself perhaps I don’t have what it takes to accomplish this particular task. It’s been a part of my life and now perhaps it’s time to look for another path which will require a different map.

Know thy self.

What to do when the you in your head is not the who that is? How long can one think a change is going to come? It’s not about being pessimistic. One has to know what one can accomplish. I will never play in the NBA. That’s ok. I will not accomplish what I thought I could four years ago. I’ve proven I don’t want it bad enough. That has to be ok as well.

The alarm clock rings; it’s time to wake up.

Don’t dream. It’s over.

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