The Resurection of Your Dreams.

I always remember a line form John Maxwell’s book Today Matters that reads yesterday ended last night. It means not to heavily rely on what happened yesterday, today.

If something bad happened yesterday, it doesn’t meant something bad is going to happen today. And if something good happened yesterday, it doesn’t mean that something is going to keep happening today.

Everyday is new. I may have been down on my dreams yesterday but doesn’t mean I’m down on my dreams today. When I was about to release my rope that kept me from drowning, I tightened my grip and strengthened my resolve.

I can’t give up on my dreams. I have to be truthful with my life and make some adjustments but I can’t stop taking steps toward my destination. I am leaving a large piece of luggage behind. I’m giving up on hope.

Keep hope alive? Um, no. I say, pull the plug. Hope is this thing I can bold acountable. I hope my life will change, I say. I will change my life. That’s better said.

I hope the things that must happen to make what I say I want a reality, relies on something else. It relies on this thing I can blame if it doesn’t. I’ve delegated my dreams to hope.

I need to take control of my dreams. I need to take an active role in my dreams. No one else will get things done but me.

Pick the best map to get you where you want to go – and go. Don’t hope for things to get better – be better.

The Resurection of Your Dreams.

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