It’s all meaningless.

Without a destination, the journey is meaningless. To wonder aimlessly through life, as I’ve had, has been a meaningless excersice. I might as well have walked in a circle all my life.

Then there’s no point in setting a destination and not getting there. At every turn, change plans and thus change the where you’re going. Take the time to know that where you want to go is truly where you want to go. Yes, enjoy the journey but that assumes a well chosen destination. It’s the anticipation of arrival that makes the journey enjoyable.

Worst is picking a destination, finding the best route then ignoring the map that will take you where you said you wanted to go. If after careful and thoughtful consideration, you abandon the map and figure it out yourself, you’ve wasted time. And we can’t be in the wasting time business as if we will get more of it later.

Without thr turn by turn directions map of life, a journey is meaningless. To know where you’re going but not know how to get there makes you lost. And there is no time for being lost.

It’s all meaningless.

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