Nothing else matters.

A mispent life must be a crime. There must be a penalty for being given much and not produce any fruit. Maybe that penalty is regret.

What is the thing that matters most? Life. Without it, nothing else matters. Now, while that’s an obvious statement, it is an easily dismissed notion.

We are drowning in life. It’s everywhere around us. It’s so obvious, it’s invisible. Until, an actual use by date has been placed on it. When you realize the story of your life has an actual final chapter, a final paragraph and a final sentence, life becomes tangible.

When the alarm clock of life is set, life’s colors come alive. Fewer things become meaningless because everything has life now. Yes, some things will be thrown with the garbage. But the small becomes  moment-worthy.

So this is another voice in the choir singing don’t let life pass by. It will be gone. It will end. Latter will be sooner than you think. Get rid of the nonsense and get to livin’ while the livin’ is good.

Nothing else matters.

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