The process of letting go.

Let go of who you believe you are. Let go of who you want to be. Put yourself in a process of letting go. Life’s math is not in addition but in subtraction.

You are not better for being more. You are not better for having more. More does not define you. What can be taken away cannot define you – your job, your role, your money, etc. All of it can be taken. Therefore, it cannot be who you are.

Loose yourself to find yourself. Stop believing who you are. Stop performing. Stop playing a role. Your true self will reveal itself to the world. You may not like this new you at frost. Everyone has apprehension toward a stranger.

Let yourself go. You’re holding on to a possession. You are holding on to property that’s not yours. Who you are right now is made up. Keep what serves you. Let go of the rest. The story you believe is just that a story. You don’t have to believe anything about your story.

Let go of the baggage. Let go of your fears. Let go of what’s holding you back. It’s a story. Make a new story. Simplify. Toss the old you. Let go of the excess. And live with your essence. That’s you at your greatness.

What’s the lowest common denominator for you?

The process of letting go.

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