What a fool believes.

Listen to the fool without the ability to make friends. The one who much rather enjoy his own company than be curious about others. The fool then cannot be disappointed in solitude. Silence is his best friend.

This fool thinks highly of himself. I’m a good person he says. I do no harm he lullabies himself to sleep. The fool is surrounded by darkness along with silence. His foolish mirror reflects nothing, yet he sees greatness.

The fool celebrates his small accomplishments. He doesn’t believe he can achieve the big ideas others have. I’m happy for them he says. Inside he is crushed. But his satisfaction keeps him safe.

The fool’s world is worry free and story-free. He is not in pursuit of adventure. He is not the hero. He does not need rescuing. He is safe. He is protected. His limitations are enough. The fool is okay with himself.

Everyone knows the fool. They see his potential. They know he can fly. But the fool won’t jump. What if I get hurt? Don’t you know that you won’t they reply. The fool cannot hear.

The fool is fine in his world. The fool wants no part of the real world. There’s danger in the real world. But there is no story. That’s ok says the fool.

I’ve known this fool all my life. I have called this fool friend. He has taken from me. And all he cares is what he can receive. I’ve gained nothing from him. It is time to let him go. I’m better than my foolishness. I have better things to say, better things to do.

But will I truly let him go? It’s a strange world outthere. Comfort versus unknown. Breathe. You can do this.

I can?

What a fool believes.

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