Does anyone remember laughter?

As I write this, it is Spring. The new beginning season. Ants begin their work. People begin their cleaning. It is supposed to be the god part of the rhythm of life.

Today, for me, feels like winter. It’s a cold season. It’s an stay inside season. It’s a darker season. It is filled with anticipation as Spring is just around the corner.

There are times when the corner doesn’t come. Constantly living in anticipation. It’s gonna get better. It’s gonna get better. The calendar will change. Things will begin to warm up.

Sometimes Winters lasts longer than the calendar. Sometimes we end the Winter of our lives ourselves. We wait in vain for the calendar to switch. But it won’t switch on its own.

Winter is a survival season. It is an endurance season. Your reserves are deplated. One is to hang on hoping there’s enough to survive.

I was recalling how little I’ve laughed lately. It doesn’t come as often as it did. Then I remembered life comes in seasons. I must not be in a season of laughter.

I search for it. When looking for something on Netflix, I search for comedies. I want to laugh. I want belly laughter. I miss it. But I realize it is not the time. And that’s okay.

But I long for my Spring. It will come. It will come on its own or I will turn the page on my calendar. It has to come. Bring on the ha-ha’s.

Does anyone remember laughter?

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