The definition of you.

Define yourself for the things no one can take away from you. How others define you is more about them others than it is about you. When someone else defines you and that definition does not align with your definition, it’s up to you to prove that other person right or wrong.

You must impress yourself. You must go to the judge that judges you say see what I did?  And that judge must go Dang! I didn’t know you had that in you! Great job!

Ever look in the mirror as you are well on your way to an excersice routine and you see the small changes happening to you? The kind of changes no one else will notice? But you can’t wait until you begin to be complemented on your looks? That’s what defining you looks like.

You see the greatness inside of you. You are on your chosen path and you know it is taking you to the right place. It may seem to others you don’t know where you are going. But you know. And at this point people will tell you to pick another direction. But it is about them. They don’t know where you’re going. Or they would be scared to go in that direction if they had to make that choice.

But you put in the hard work of picking your path. You picked your map. And that is the point. It is your map. Now the question do you trust it enough to take you where you want to go. And there’s the battle.

Others want you to go their way. You say my way is better. Who wins? Maybe both. Maybe nine. Maybe them. Maybe you. The answer is totally up to you.

The definition of you.

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