Wait not for the memories.

The biggest lie you can tell yourself is that you have time. You have less time than you think. It’s a deadly game waiting for the right time. Time is time. There is nothing right or wrong about it.

Why do we wait. Wait, why do I wait? Because I lie to myself as well. I think I have time. The more time I waste the more regrets I pile up.

What will I think about when on my death bed? I know I won’t think about my job. Man, I wish I could write one more line of code are words I will never say. Heck, I don’t say them now! So what am I doing?

What are we all doing? Existing. I keep hiding behind “we.”  What am I doing? That’s the right question. Don’t let your life pass you by wrote Sarah McLaughlin. It’s all green lights around here. Life passing. Life moving.

I have talked plenty about having a map taking you in the direction of your dreams. Honestly, I’m afraid where my dreams will take me. But that’s because I’m letting my dreams dictate. I haven’t led myself. I’m waiting on my dreams instead instructing my dreams.

All these days and they are still going by like water through my hands. I can’t hold on to them.

Please wake up. It is later than you think. You will look into your memories closet and say I have nothing to remember. Don’t fail yourself. Uncertainty is reality. After all the planning, uncertainty is all that is left.

Why be afraid of adventure?

Wait not for the memories.

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